Tips That You Won't Hear Anywhere Else!

1. Decide when to shop 12 months before is a great start!

2. Decide where to shop?

3. Choose your bridal entourage wisely.

4. Wear a touch more makeup than usual consider a blow wave or some curls through your hair.

5. Be prepared to strip down.

6. Trust your consultant.

7. A bridal size 8 is not a retail size 8.

8. Feel free to experiment with styles that aren't "you."

9. Be honest if you truly don’t like a particular style on yourself.

10. Another bride might be wearing "your" dress.

11. Make sure to move around while you have the gown it’s important you can sit in your gown!

12. You may not cry—and it's okay.

13. Prepare for the not-so-fun stuff (like contracts, deposits and alteration costs).

14. Have fun!

15. Know your budget but keep in mind most boutiques will have different payment options so you can pay your gown off.

16. Don’t wear fake tan!

17. Bring your own heels

18. Make Mum love you forever by trying on a dress she recommends, even if you hate it!