Let's welcome this magical time of the year...

Let's all embrace this magical time of year, with all the ups and downs of 2020 everyone could write a book but in all honesty we all need to be proud of one another and continue to empathetic and understanding because everyone has a story and we need to unite together and enjoy this special time. 

Give your time to those who need it a phone call, a text, a bunch of flowers, a coffee date, a walk in the park, a Christmas card let them know your thinking of them. 

Often we have no idea how much our presence really heals the souls of those who need to hear our voices or that inspirational message. If you miss someone or have someone in your thoughts let them know. 

Remember to be patient and kind towards others who are not so polite and impatient your smile could offer comfort to someone who needs it because often they're lonely or going through tough times.

Giving to the homeless and sick children and those in need is the magical of Christmas. Find your donation bins and make your contribution, give what you can give.

Remember to be safe on our roads take your time and be calm towards one another.

We got this!!!