About Us

Foreverness Bridal Boutique is a culmination of years of dreaming, hours of planning and an infinite passion to ensure that your forever moment is made all the more special with your perfect forever dress.

Foreverness Managing Director Vanessa, who has years of experience in the bridal industry, seized the opportunity to create her own modern, elegant and inviting Boutique, showcasing a range of stunning gowns from some of the globe’s most reputable labels.

For Vanessa, Foreverness is not just a business- it’s a labour of love, she could easily spend hours gushing over the finer details of your wedding dress, debutante dress or evening gown.

Vanessa currently lives in Geelong with her husband Scott, he is the trades expert behind the custom fit out of the Boutique.

Vanessa and Scott are supported by their business partners Chris and Lauren.

Chris, who is an accountant by trade, will ensure that all of the systems and processes at Foreverness are implemented with precision, to make sure your shopping experience is as seamless as your hem-line!

The team at Foreverness firmly believe that the magic is in the detail and have created two private bridal lounges in addition to our spacious upstairs debutante lounge.

Our Boutique has been carefully designed to create a stress-free environment, relieved of the pressure-cooker vibe that our brides, debutants and partygoers will be seeking to avoid. At Foreverness, we celebrate diversity and welcome all couples.

We promote body positivity and self-love (you won’t find any body-shaming in the reflection of our mirrors!)

Our beautiful sales team acknowledge that wedding and event planning can be stressful, therefore at Foreverness we want every woman who visits us to walk out feeling positive, uplifted and cared for.

You won’t find pushy sales people here, just a group of women genuinely excited for you and your partner.

We can’t wait to meet you and celebrate with you!

‘Foreverness Devoted To Your Happiness’